Apollo Radio Interview (Chemnitz, Germany)

..June 2010.. ..New York to Chemnitz..

Radio interview by Maria Kotzur of Apollo Radio about the upcoming portrait project in Dresden, Germany on survivors of the Dresden firebombings February 13th, 1945. Broadcast June 2010.

Interview options in English and dubbed in German. Press the play arrow to listen. The interview starts at about 25 seconds into the broadcast.


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2 Responses to “Apollo Radio Interview (Chemnitz, Germany)”

  1. bruna marchiori says:

    mein lieber Paule,
    this is total cool! Congrats. It is very important that your beautiful and deeply humanistic project is wide well known and i cross my fingers for that you can show it as much as possible in several parts of the world.
    Everyday i read the news discussing more and more about the atomic bomb and the risks that Iran produce and use it, or that Israel use theirs, and think about you. Your project is definitely NEEDED in our current world.
    Congratulations again!

  2. Will says:

    A great interview, a very important project and I’m always looking forward to seeing more from the series.