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Hiroshi Matsuzoe, atomic bomb survivor from Nagasaki

Friday, October 26th, 2012

..October 2012.. ..Nagasaki..

Earlier this year, Mainichi newspaper ran a story about atomic bomb survivor Hiroshi Matsuzoe, who I photographed in Nagasaki for my book From Above.

Last April he had an operation on his throat to removed a cancer. He lost his voice. From September, he has been training on an electronic device to speak again. He has been quite successful and on the day of the newspaper report, April 26, he was having his first lecture after the cancer operation.

‘I’m getting a little tense, ’cause I’m a bit afraid that I can’t speak well enough. But, I speak for the elimination of the nuclear weapons.’ through the machine, his voice was powerful.”

2nd week of October……

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

..2nd weekend of October 2010 New York..

The sun surrenders to gray and the leaves fall. My season ended last night now I have nothing to do.

My friend will disappear for six months leaving me empty until the trees turn green again.

I sit and listen every night at 7PM for relief from reality. Now I stare at the cold choppy dark blue sea until the sun dominates the sky in the spring.

Waiting 150 days for my friend to return and occupy my mind seems like walking a long distance in the sand.



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October 8, 1989 Dresden, DDR

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