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Kazutoshi Nakamura

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

I received the sad news that Kazutoshi Nakamura passed away recently.  He was 88 years old.  I photographed him during 2018 at the hypocenter where the atomic bomb was detonated over Nagasaki.  He was a kind person and I consider myself lucky to have known him. 

“There was so much debris that I decided to walk along the river. When I got to the area near the Urakami Cathedral, where the river was already narrow, the water stopped flowing because about 100 dead bodies were piled in the water.”

-Kazutoshi Nakamura

Kazutoshi Nakamura was eleven-years-old when the atomic bomb detonated over Nagasaki. His family lived 500m from hypocenter in the Urakami district.  It was decimated into scorched earth because it was ground zero.  At the time, he was away from his home getting food at the St. Francisco Hospital.  There were 9 members of his family. Most of the his family who perished were never recovered.