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Woman Sitting in Front of the White House

Monday, January 25th, 2016


..January 2016 The Woman outside the White House..

Earlier today Concepcion Picciotto, the woman who maintained a three decade long vigil in front of the White House protesting the use of nuclear weapons, passed away.

I’ve seen her sitting in snow up to her waist and sweating in the oppressive August humidity. She out lasted 4 Presidents who slept about 100 yards away in the Lincoln Bedroom inside a mansion called the White House. I’ve been carrying a business card she handed me the first time I met her. It has shoved into the corner of my camera bag for 19 years.

Just weeks before atomic bomb survivor Mrs. Hisayo Yamashita passed away in 2010, she had asked me to bring a large package of socks, gloves and blankets from Japan to Mrs. Picciotto in Washington, DC.


Comic Con Portraits

Friday, January 15th, 2016


Masahito Hirose

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

“We cannot listen to the voices that vanished near the hypocenter.
No matter how many testimonies I gather, a blank will remain.”

-Masahito Hirose

Today I received the sad news that Mr. Masahito Hirose passed away, two months before his 86th birthday. I photographed Mr. Hirose on my second trip to Nagasaki. He was 15 years old when the atomic bomb destroyed the city. He didn’t sustain any external injuries from the blast but suffered from cancer.

After the H-Bomb test on Bikini Atoll in 1954, Mr. Hirose devoted his life to collecting the testimonies of other hibaksuha (atomic bomb survivors). While recording the stories it allowed him to confront his own tragic experiences.

Mr. Hirose spoke fluent English so he was one of the few hibakusha I was able to speak with directly. His language skills were important because he was one of the first to translate the hibakusha’s testimony into English. When I first read about him I immiediately asked if I could meet him. I have always been grateful for his honesty and time.

He will be missed but never forgotten.

Marilyn Manson Print

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

I have a few gallery prints still available of Marilyn Manson.

All the prints are limited editions, signed, numbered, and include the gallery certificate. Please contact me at if you’re interested.

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David Bowie Memorial

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016


Rumi Hanagaki

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016



Monday, January 4th, 2016



From Above

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

..January 2016.. ..New York..

Some holiday cards from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden and Rotterdam that I received from survivors I photographed for the From Above project.


Mr. Toshifumi Ohashi

Friday, January 1st, 2016

..December 2015.. ..Hiroshima..

Sadly, 2015 saw the passing of atomic bomb survivor Mr. Toshifumi Ohashi, who I photographed for From Above. He passed away the day after speaking at my exhibition in New York. I was fortunate to have heard him one last time before he suddenly died.

I have a great deal of respect for what he endured and stood for later in life. I never understood why he thanked me so much for being interested in lives the lives of atomic bomb survivors because they naturally seemed like extraordinary people to me. They lived every moment demonstrating that peace begins with your actions then it can be spread exponentially.

I never had doubts about what they fought for. I need to thank them because they had more trust in me at times than I had in myself. I hope that my photographs will continue to carry on their message even though their voices have gone silent.