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Controlled Bleeding Album Cover

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

..September 2002 New York..

The first album cover I shot for a band called Controlled Bleeding. It’s still my favorite album cover I’ve done. Working with Paul Lemos of Controlled Bleeding has gone well over the years. I’ve shot 5 album covers for them.

I first started working with him when I was hired by Outburn Magazine to do a portrait. It was my first commissioned shot for Outburn back in 1999. I shot a lot of assignments for Outburn until 2006.

Paul has always been open to ideas and using the images as is on the album covers. Not much text or manipulation of the photos. It’s always been photo, Controlled Bleeding, and album title. We’ve always come up with a clear vision of how the artwork matches his music. I’ve never been disappointed with the product.

I shot this photo years before. Right after graduating college. Shot somewhere along the Potomac River. When Paul saw the photo it was the one he wanted.